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Orient Experiment

When in this post I mentioned I would make it my life goal to tackle what I believe is one of the greatest pieces of patisserie ever, I did not lie. This is my first attempt at the amazing Oriënt cake by Amsterdam’s finest patisserie Holtkamp. There is no recipe for this cake, so I had to rely fully on my own judgment. Taking into account that I am a self-taught baker who has only been baking patisserie recipes for about two years, you can imagine this was quite a task. But I do love a challenge. It was lots of fun trying to figure out how to achieve the original flavours and textures from scratch. I have no idea whether my method is in any way close to the way they make the real deal, but here is how I did it:

The base is fonceer pastry with a baked frangipane layer. On top of that is a walnut cream, which consists of crème pat buttercream mixed with walnut puree and liqueur. Underneath the chocolate shell are domes of hazelnut bavaroise, based on a caramel pâte a bombe with nougatine and whipped cream. The brittle is made with golden syrup, peanuts, and sliced almonds. 

I was very pleased with the way my cake pieces turned out. I am planning to make it at least once more before I post a full version of the recipe on my blog. I already know which things I need to do differently to improve it: a thinner pastry layer, a less intense type of chocolate and a small ice cream scoop to make the perfect orbs!

To be continued…


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